About us

Santé-Reva Group Ltd is a healthcare organization comprised of young professionals dedicated to promoting and maintaining healthy lives and lifestyles in Africa.  We seek to change the landscape of health in Africa, one person at a time while staying true to our core values:



Medicare is not just physical. We aim to bring the personal doctor back to the health profession where it is the total package of your wellbeing that we are concerned about.


Consistent repetition of a state, symptom or behaviour makes it possible to know in advance what to expect and curb this saving a whole lot of grief down the line,


Harnessing the capabilities of current and emerging technologies to advance Africa’s health services with a bias toward disease prevention.


Breaking from the norm, we purpose to do the right and moral thing by our clients. Whether they shall find out about it or not.


Our main brand theme rests on the excellence of the service that we shall put into all dealings with our clients.

” Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy