Corporate and Individual

Corporate pulse is a program that describes the average health status of any given group of individuals which is then used to advise the overall workplace health policy or strategy in the organization. The aim of the corporate pulse is to ensure that the organization is always at its optimal performance state devoid of disease.

Our Approach

The common areas for assessment in the corporate pulse include corporate stress levels, lifestyle-disease risk or the overall health status level of the organization’s employees. Using the data acquired, the findings can further be stratified into departmental, branch or management level analysis for ease of implantation of the required interventions. The corporate Sante-Reva corporate pulse is designed in packages from which the corporate can choose depending on its needs;

Level1: Worlplace Vaccination

Vaccination has been noted to be the most effective way of preventing most infectious diseases within population and when done in masses the effect is multiplied. Workplace vaccination seeks to offer the organization a chance to improve and sustain productivity whilst reducing absenteeism due to disease

Level2: Breathe (Relax-Renew-Revive)

The Breathe program is a stress management program to identify the levels of stress in an organization, the causes of stress and initiate measures to be undertaken by the employees individually and as a group to manage stress.This program seeks to achieve overall well-being of the employee as well as prevention of lifestyle diseases.

Level3: Corporate Wellness Package

This ultimate level includes benefits in the Breathe package together with customized screening packages taking into consideration the goals of the organization. The packages will be customized in individual, age, occupation and disease trend specific testing

The packages can be tailor-made to meet the company needs.

The employees will each receive their confidential executive reports in a report booklet for future reference with a health plan clearly indicated. The annual health plan will include nutritional advice and appointments, recommended health education topics to be tackled, treatment recommendation if any.

We would be glad to come in and have a chat on the full benefits and cost implications of each package.