The interventions

Our 360 degree wellness is a package of interventions based on evidence based clinical protocols that are in use worldwide today. The product aims to identify what a client’s highest health risks are and proffer personalized interventions.

Chronic disease management, adherence profiling and feedback
Clients coming to SANTÉ-REVA will be monitored for their current medical condition as well as for their adherence to medical advice. For example, all clients with high BMIs will be provided with a package that includes nutritional advice and a choice of gym membership. Scheduled follow up will be made with these to audit the agreed parameters such as compliance, weight reduction and complication incidence.

For chronic disease clients, various techniques such as pill counts, tablet intake reminders, home monitoring with equipment that can transmit clinical data will be used to monitor adherence to treatment. Modern technology allows for patients to be monitored on the go. This is more so with hypertensives.

A number of clients diagnosed as being hypertensive suffer from “white coat hypertension”. This is elevated blood pressures when in a hospital like setting. Monitoring their blood pressures outside the clinical setting with data transmitted to the clinicians will help alleviate this, at the same time providing a real time link to monitor adherence.