SANTÉ-REVA works closely with the insurance companies to benefit the patient. Patients should always be assisted to ensure that they do not exceed their cover limits. This is through acute disease prevention strategies, rational drug selection for chronic patients and intensive personalized patient monitoring to ensure the occurrence of acute on chronic conditions is managed if not eliminated. These interventions also increase the overall quality of life of the patient.

SANTÉ-REVA also works with accredited drug manufacturers to provide quality, consistent and cost effective drugs to the client by passing on favourable pricing earned through predictability of consumption, to its clients.

SANTÉ-REVA works with companies that are at the fore front in disease prevention through vaccine production to ensure that our clients are always immunized against common diseases that eventually significantly strain a client’s insurance cover, while eating away at an employer’s and insurers’ margins.

These include (but are not limited to) influenza, typhoid, cholera, Hepatitis A and herpes simplex virus.

SANTÉ-REVA works with companies and educational institutions to ensure that the health of the organization and learning community is managed. Organizations and schools, just like family, are predisposed to certain conditions in commonality. For example the spread of flu is usually through schools and workplaces. Peer and work pressure could lead to problems such as alcohol over use and obesity. Various situations and events can cause stress in individuals. SANTÉ-REVA will undertake a comprehensive health assessment of staff in such a setting and create a company/ institutional health profile. Those with chronic conditions will be enrolled into the chronic care program. Facility or institutional based vaccination programs will be offered to combat flu and other contagious illnesses among staff and students alike. Individuals will be enrolled into Stress management programs as required.

Sante-Reva works with organizations in the Food and Hospitality Industry to ensure that all staff handling food and beverages are tested, vaccinated, certified as healthy and maintain strict standards as per global health regulations.