Mrs. Maina

Mrs. Maina was found to be diabetic 1 year ago and has a high BMI.(34- obese range) While she has been receiving treatment for this, the consultant who started her on diabetic treatment put her on good but very expensive medication that was “the latest in the market”. This has put a strain on their insurance cover. She also has a standing appointment with the consultant every month. She has had no contact with a nutritionist. At SANTÉ-REVA, Mrs. Maina was put on a standardized diabetes treatment protocol.

SANTÉ-REVA’s nutritionist conducted bi- annual nutritional counseling sessions for her as well as sending her monthly articles on how to prepare interesting meals that meet her specific requirements. She was also provided with a blood sugar level testing machine.

Whenever she visited the clinic all her blood measurements data was downloaded into to her clinical records. Her pills were also counted to ensure that she was adherent to treatment. Specific lab tests were carried out at pre-determined intervals in order to assess for any complications of diabetes. She has now enrolled into a diabetes support group of her peers that meets at the clinic every two months. Her insurance company has been informed on how well she is doing.