Mr. Maina

Mr. Maina is an otherwise well 39 year old man. He is an executive at a medium sized company in Nairobi. He is married with three children aged 1, 5 and 9 years. His wife is a business woman with regular travel out of the country. He is quite busy and has little opportunity to exercise apart from the occasional game of golf.

On visiting SANTÉ-REVA, it was noted that he had never had a flu shot in his life despite having at least two episodes of severe flu every year with 12 sick off days from the episodes each year. While he had been advised on reducing his BMI (from the current 26 to at least 24) there had been no proactive follow up to ensure this has been done.

No psychological analysis had been done to understand his mental health .It was found that he was suffering from chronic stress, predisposing him to further disease. He was taking at least four bottles of beer at a sitting and did not consider himself a heavy drinker. While his liver was assessed during annual wellness checks, no due consideration had been made to its effects on other body systems.